By car through Poland and back Home

After leaving Oronsko during early morning the car went north heading to Warzaw and then Gdynia. On the way I stopped by in a huge market, and went around for ours looking at all possible kind of things, both new and second hand (aswell as “third-hand”). Didn´t find anything particular though, but tried to bargain on a plastic crocodile, but didn´t succeed 🙂


Continued to Warzaw and had a short visit there to get a taste of the polish capital. The most central city center was quite bombastic and overwhelming (not only in a good way) with huge glass building complex and buildings and squares from the communistic era. But just around the corner there was blocks with a totally different character. Another type of city, in a more human scale with walking streets, cafés, nice stores, museums and more delicate classical buildings. Warzaw seemed to have many faces and it felt dynamic and growing with a broad spectra of things to do and see.

Images from the net 😉

After having struggled a bit in the heave city traffic I headed for Gdynia. It took some hours and when arriving it was still time over to go to the seaside and breathe in the ocean before going to the boat. Could never had guessed how beatiful, unexploited and dramatic the coastline was, highly recomended too see if going there!

A night in a cabin and some hours on road between Karlskrona and Halmstad I´m back home already 🙂 a month goes fast!







Exhibition, Golden Rocks and saying Goodbye.

Today is the last day here in Oronsko. It´s been a great time here and I learnt much and met a lot of nice people. Said goodbye to as many as I could today and hope to be back in October for a conference about public art. Took the chance to get a selfie with the kitchen ladies who have served proper polish meals everyday for me, great thanks to you! 🙂


Had also the chance to se the opening of the “Art Triennal” at the center. It was an interesting approach in the exhibition, with works about how to even hierarchies, disolve the norms of how to exhibit and show art works and many other things.


In the afternoon I took a look at the palace at the estate and it had some beautiful interiors and decorations wich harmonized with the atmosphere in it´s colors, materials and objects.

So except for packing it´s been a full day. Yesterday was somewhat calmer. Me and Kaska visited a special place in the forrest known for it´s golden rock formation. Quite extraordinary, and at the same time we picked some mushrooms, wich grew everywhere (as I been told it does know in Sweden aswell). Ended up in a nearby village and got our evening drinks.


Have of course experienced some more wild animal encounters. Yesterday some snakes and today there was a fox entering the door to the studio 🙂


Now time to round of and tomorrow the car goes north!


Sunshine, Biennal and helpful People

Finally the sun has been back and have shined on us for a few days. I had even two snakes sunbathing just outside the studio door, so the animals also missed the warmy weather and they continues to keep me company 🙂

I also have had company by abouth 40 young artist taking part in a biennal wich will be opened here on Saturday. Yesterday they had a get together and I joined for a while and checked out a very nice music performancy of an icelandic artist. He was interested in body organs aswell and I found out in the cheramic workshop today he made flutes in form of internals (a liver for example). Cool and a nice way to connect body, music and visual art.

Othervise today has been full of work, also for the people around me. They are very helpful and do glazing, contructions, cheramic burnings, prints and more for me, so I feel very priveleged! Won´t be finnished with everything though, when I leave buth hopefully the three biggest pieces. Have even got one extra day here to be able to finnish and to have the chance to see the opening of the biennal, so off it goes on Sunday instead of Saturday.

Bruce springsteen is in the ears and will finnish the evening with some tea,writing and sculpting.



Night out in Radom

Yesterday I went to Radom (the closest city to Oronsko) and took part in the exhibition at Weronicas gallery. It´s was very nice and I enjoyed good art and met lovely people that was connected to the gallery network.

Afterwards we went out to have some beers and ended up in a bar full of people from a tatoo convent 🙂 . So had the chance to get a scent of this subculture in form of fireshows, rock music, loud (but kind :-)) voices,  full of newly made tatoos (on aking skins) and just friendliness; a good night so to speak!

Now I´m back in Oronsko and had put some cheramics in the owen for burning over night. Will make some drawings aswell for the craftsmen that will help me making hangning equipment for the art works tomorrow. My polish and their english is non existent so the lines have to be on the right places 😉


Dogs, Mushrooms and “Kill Darlings”

Yesterday I felt Ill and stayed in bed but today I´m back in working condition.

Have a little more than a week left here so feel it´s time to focus on making all the experiments and test into some full scale objects, so there has been some “kill your darling moments” occuring. At the moment the thought´s are on what to make of the crack-experiment (notice, I only work with cheramics here, 😉 ).

Have had company by another anmial today (now a dog without a master) wich both felt nice and sad, poor dog. They say people leave unwanted dogs here in the park cause they know nice artist will take care of them (wich they seem to do).

Have also got a visit from the vice director of the center and got some mushrooms that we both think is what we in swedish call “Stolt Fjällskivling”. We talked about mushrooms earlier and I asked him where he picks them; he answered in the same way we do at home, “in the forrest”.  We´ll wait until tomorrow before eating them though and ask Ula wich have great knowledge in mushrooms.

“Kent” is rolling on the Spotify list and it´s back to work, see you!

Time flies

A few days since blogging. Just realised half of the time here have past, the time really flies!

Yesterday me, Eulalia, Veronica and Heinric visited a close situated city (Kielce). It´s in south of Poland but it´s desribed as “the Hearth of Poland”. We visited the City Art Museum and took part in an opening of an installation; a robot-like, or transformers looking art and technology hybride, made to clean the poluted air i Kielce with the possibility to broadcast polution levels live on internet.

First it didn´t look so impressive, but then i liked it much. It was like giving industrial and technological design a soul and some playful elements. Afterwards we ended up in a vernissage party and had some good food and I took my first steps on a polish dance floor 🙂

The day before yesterday I worked with taking forms of objects and surfaces with wax. It was the first time to try the technique so didn´t succed everytime, but some 🙂

Made some small sculptures in wax aswell, some small bird and a sunbathing woman, who will be one of the parts in a “Tourist”-project wich is in process.

During the evening I followed Heinric to Radom, wich is the nearest city and we watched his favorite band from his youth Pink Floyd, who played a special concert in the amphiteater in Pompeji when they returned to the exact place they recorded a classic record in the 70s.


A Day of Work and good Focus

The morning started with watching a hot bronze casting session and then the day continued with own hard work, though not that fysical.


Did experiments with cracks on ceramics and made some experiments with geometric forms in paper with movable joints. Have been very focused so didn´t put time on so much else outside the studio. Have got good company with nice music from Halmstads own Hampus Carlsson and Emil Jensen, Iris Viljanen among others and a beautiful thunderstorm came and visited and had a lighting show outside.

Tomorrow we will test glazes and burn some of the ceramics; step by step it goes forward.