Sculpture Archive and Student Vernissage.

Today I tagged along with the student groups visiting the center. First while they had a vernissage and presented their sculptures they´ve been working with and afterwards when they had the chance to visit the sculpture museums archive.


It was surreal going around in such a tense space filled with objects othervise left with a lot of space around. Almost like a fleemarket filled with valuable things usually found in auctions. The guide namedropped up to 50 names in Polish wich couldn´t catch, but I realised and noticed it was some of the greatest contemporary sculptors in Poland.

I had som time to work, but with head full of impressions it felt better to contemplate and talk with the others about their thoughts and ideas instead, wich gave a lot.

Took also part in one of the students Phd work and read a sentense in swedish “Trots förhandlingar, har ingen vapenvila uppnåtts”. The same words had been recorded in many languages and will be presented as a audio version of Babels Tower. Will be interesting to see/hear the result.


Tomorrow I´ll meet Ulla and she will show me around in the palaze here, looking forward to it. And tonight is the last night the student groups stay here, so I´ll take the chance to go out and join them by the campfire. Very open and friendly people, will miss them!




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