Birthday, Casting and Collecting Materials

One year older, or one day depends on how you see it. But i´m 35 on paper now at least and are happy for all condolences I´ve got.

Today Ulla intruduced the metall workshop and the workers there for me. It was fazinating how to see how they worked with form building and bronz casting. They worked for example with a “lost-wax-method” to create forms and I got some wax myself to play with during weekend so we will see if there is any forms to find and capture!

Started to make a little collection with materials aswell. Found beautiful waste materials from the stone workshops for example. Have also continued the work with mobiles and tried some experiments with metal spirals.


Now it´s soon time for joining the others at the campfire. I think it´s their last night here and it´s a quite warm and clear night so there will probably be nice!



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