Lecture, Campfire and Mobile experiments.

Today I´ve been experimenting with a mobile project (moving square). It´s was fascinating to play with balance in structure and material and see how it reacted to forced motion. The inspiration was waves and jellyfishes but it made me think about forms, symmetry, asymmetry and deformation of forms at the same time. We´ll see how it continues, have thoughts about scaling it up!

Yesterday it was a lecture that a professor from the Art Academy in Szczecin held for his students about inspiration in sculpting. I was invited and participated and luckely I got to know Katarzyna who translated from polish to english for me. They where very friendly people all of them and invited me to their fireplace where we talked all evening and had a nice time.

Got to know the director of the centre  alittle bit aswell yesterday. It turned out she had been working at school of Fine Arts in Umeå where she got a network that in the end led to the establishment of the residency scholarship. Hope to speak more to her about art and her viewpoints.

Now it´s time for campfire this evening again and to try some polish beer!



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